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What We Do Best

Our vast and diverse previous experience coupled with our ability to adapt to Client requirements has given us a strong foundation, and has seen the large majority of our business coming from repeat clients. 

Some of the sectors we work best in include:



Professional Excellence

Modern architecture is constantly changing,with an ever increasing demand to span new gaps in design and construction techniques. Our recognition of this keeps Steel Solutions at the precipice of modern commercial construction.

Floor area requirements within open plan office accommodation is becoming increasingly more demanding for flexibility of layout.


Durable Construction

Steel Solutions have a plethora of experience in warehouse construction, for distribution and storage usage. 

We recognise the crucial importance of maximising floor area, and the effect that correctly placed columns can have on a facility's racking and storage layout.


Stunning Aesthetics

Our understanding of the specific manufacturing requirements and environmental condition allows us to assist our clients in the implementation of the design, specification and the construction methodology of their facility.

Our experience in the UK and Ireland ranges from the construction of pharmaceutical to aircraft manufacturing facilities, to research and development centres.

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Innovative Engineering

The electricity generation is changing. Biomass, waste to energy, and nuclear power generation, along with wind are gradually replacing coal fired plants, and we have adapted to these changes.

The new challenges presented with these larger scale projects include working at extreme heights, working around pre-installed plant and lifting heavy assemblies, all of which we are well equipped to deal with.

We have worked on a number of prestigious projects including Ferrybridge Waste to Energy, Indaver Waste to Energy, Hinkley Point Nucear Power Station, Dragon Natural Gas and Severnside waste to energy.


Streamlined Networks

In terms of transport network construction, minimising interruptions to public services by offering flexible solutions at the construction stage are paramount.

We understand the needs of working for public agencies, within restricted sites, using traffic management systems and working out of hours to restrict and possible public disruption,

Steel Solutions understands client requirements for site safety protocols and specification, adopting the best non-disruptive methods of erection at all times.


Lifelong Investment

Steel solutions are extremely familiar with the challenges and requirements of residential construction, which include aesthetically pleasing finishes and creating spaces of various shapes, sizes and designs to meet client requirements.

Our intumescent and paint finishes, along with our reliable fire resistant cladding and innovative fireblocking technology surpasses all possible regulation easily, leading to the creation of appealing buildings, not only in terms of design, but with safety completely assured.

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Structural Precision

Steel Solutions have undertaken the construction of a number of sports and leisure facilities. All of which posed unique and specific requirements and individual challenges, with specific

requirements for the end users.

This experience ranges from Stadium construction, hotels, to the hostile environment of swimming pools.


Accessibility Defined

Our ability to tailor our design and fabrication to suit our clients individual needs has led to Steel Solutions being recognised as one of the leading retail constructors in the country.

Previously, we have undertaken a range of projects, from single retail units to large shopping centres.


Holistic Structures

Future flexibility within healthcare and educational facilities is recognised by us as a key factor during construction.

Our involvement at the design stage has assisted our clients in achieving the optimum design for their budget, while still offering the versatility required for future change.

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