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Our understanding of the specific manufacturing requirements and environmental conditions allows us to assist our clients in the implementation of the design, specification and construction methodology of their facility.

An emphasis on structures that aim to maximise spacial efficiency and seamless production is paramount.

Our broad experience in the UK and Ireland ranges from the construction of pharmaceutical to aircraft manufacturing facilities. 

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Hullavinton, Bristol, UK

Sector: Commercial

Contract Value: £3.7 million

Project Description: R&D facility

Location: Hullavington, Bristol, UK

Client: ISG

Scope of works: Structural Steel, Precast slabs and Insitu concrete

Tonnage: 400T

2 Airport Road, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Sector: Manufacturing 
Contract Value £1.7 million
Project Description: Factory extension
Location: Belfast
Client : Sisk
Scope of works: Support steelwork (transfer trusses) and secondary steel.
Installation project completed in an operational factory environment.
Tonnage: 700T

Hordley, Ellesmere, UK

Sector: Manufacturing
Contract Value: £1.4m
Project Description: Abbatoir Structural Steel
Location: Hordley, Ellesmere
Client: ABP Development
Scope of Works: Structural Steel, Cladding, Stair construction 
Tonnage: 500T

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